Pure Tuscan Farro Pasta

From one of the oldest grains, spelt, arises a genuinely easily digestible product.

Chelucci's Spelt Pasta is made with 100% Tuscan spelt.

The spelt is stone-ground and then processed according to the typical regional tradition. Discover the perfect balance between delightful taste and well-being with our 100% Tuscan spelt pasta. Rich in fiber and protein, low in calories, and easily digestible, it's the ideal alternative for light and nutritious first courses.

Chelucci's Spelt Pasta: savor well-being without sacrificing taste!

Chelucci's Spelt Pasta is ideal for a balanced diet and a source of fiber. A tasty alternative to hard wheat pasta! Explore the magic of bronze extrusion in the Chelucci pasta-making process. This technique gives the pasta a porous surface, enhancing sauce absorption and intensifying the flavor. The extraordinary porosity makes the pasta more digestible, and the slow drying at very low temperatures, between 30 and 35 degrees, ensures an irresistibly flavorful journey with every bite.

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